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  • cheaters

    Why women are better cheaters than men

    We are living in a generation where cheating has become a norm. Everyone is cheating, only that some never get caught. Our society has profiled men to cheat more than women. Basically, men cheat more but women are better cheaters in the sense that they rarely get caught. The following are reasons why women are […] More

  • in

    Men problems that hardly any woman understands

    Our society focussed more on the plight of women and totally ignore the fact that men too have a share of their problems and struggles as well. Women, in particular, are very selfish. Before you start throwing stones at me read the following. Men’s problems that hardly any woman understands: Men are not immortal Listen […] More

  • great sex

    The difference between average sex and great sex

    Damn, I love sex, do you love sex? Is there anyone who can dare object the fact that sex is the greatest gift ever presented to mankind? But, there is one factor about sex that we always tend to ignore. There is a difference between average sex and great sex. Everyone with genitals is capable […] More

  • small penis

    Legit advantages of having a small penis

    The internet and our society in general¬†always criticize men who have a small penis. But, are we really being fair? No one chose to be born with a small penis. We focus so much on the negatives of having a small penis and ignore the legit advantages of having a tiny gadget. The following are […] More

  • average man last in bed

    How long should an average man last in bed?

    If you want to lower a man’s ego despite him being over 6 feets tall or packed with irresistible muscles and abs. Just tell him he comes up short when it comes to sex. Everybody wants to be recognized as the sex champ but the truth is, we can’t all be champs. With that said, […] More

  • cheat

    Legit reasons why women cheat more than men

    Over the years infidelity has been the major cause of increased rate of divorces all over the world. Generally, our society has profiled men to cheat more than women. The truth is, women cheat more than men. The reason why men are profiled to fuck other women is simply due to the fact that they […] More

  • sex everyday

    Reasons why you should have sex everyday

    When was the last time you had sex? 10 minutes ago? Today morning? Last night?… The bottom line is: if more than 24 hrs have passed since you last had sex with anyone else other than yourself get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend and start having sex everyday. Reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer Men who […] More

  • female orgasm

    Surprising things you didn’t know about female orgasm

    Assuming that for a woman to get pregnant she had to orgasm. Would the world’s population still be at 7 billion people? The following are surprising facts about female orgasm that you didn’t know: Brace yourself this will be fun: Orgasms can relieve pain Yes, you read that right. If you have a headache. maybe […] More

  • over your ex

    Signs that you are not yet over your ex

    Have you ever been heartbroken? That sh*t hurts like hell and especially if you see your ex-doing great with their new partner. On my first heartbreak, I stayed indoors for a whole week crying and cursing the day I met him. More often than not we think that we are over our ex but the […] More

  • squirting myths

    Squirting myths you have to stop believing

    Did you know that female ejaculation famously known as squirting has no biological importance other than giving you pleasure? There is a lot to squirting than just seeing a gash of fluids from a woman’s¬†vagina. The following are squirting myths that you should never believe: Squirting is fake Studies have indicated that only less than […] More

  • eating ass

    Men reveal how it really feels eating a**

    Sex is the greatest gift ever presented to humankind. For the sex to be great one must ensure that they invest more on foreplay. In the 90s foreplay involved kissing, touching her breasts, sucking her nipples… Listen up, there is a new trend in town. Eating ass. In other words, licking her asshole. Sounds gross, […] More

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