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    Things you should do to ensure she drops her panties on the first date

    first date

    Being a man is challenging, you have to be good at stalking, sweet talking, convincing, pick and making a good impression on the first day. One wrong move and it is the last time you are gonna be seeing her. It is every man’s wish that she will be dropping those panties on the first date. The following are some tips to have the best first date sex. Bro, if she won’t like the sex say goodbye to the pussy! The states are high and you can’t afford to trip.

    Give her a treat

    Are you a stingy man? Typically, women hate stingy men, if you want pussy on the first date you have to spend. Make her feel special by taking her to an above average restaurant and let her order anything that she craves for. You will spend a few dollars but its worth it.

    Work on your kissing game if you want pussy on the first date

    If you are good with words chances are you are going to get a kiss. How you kiss her will determine whether you will be getting pussy or not. If you are a wack kisser sign up for kissing classes, this is s skill that will help throughout your life. Unlike the calculus, you learned back in high school and have never applied it in real life. SMH!!


    I know at times you can’t resist the urge to check out that ass but for the sake of getting pussy on the first date, you have to be strong and resist the urge to check out other women asses no matter how sexy they might be. It hard but if she spots you checking other women she will not be dropping those panties.

    Have a game plan

    You have to play your cards right. One wrong move and she will ask you to drop her off. I would advise you to make the date be in the evening somewhere between 6-7 pm, start off with some light food, do a few drinks and as it gets late, try out dancing. Thank me later bro!

    Smell nice

    Bad body odor is a complete turnoff.Ensure that you use deodorant and on this day don’t wear dirty underwear or stinking socks.

    Last but not the least “adequate preparation”

    Safety comes first, imagine a scenario where she has already dropped her panties but you don’t have a condom. You might try to talk her into raw sex but chances are she will ask you to go get a condom. These are precious moments you can’t afford to waste since she can change her mind anytime.


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    Facts about masturbation that most people don’t know

    facts about masturbation

    I masturbate, do you masturbate? Let us not make a big deal out of it. In fact, if you don’t masturbate then there must be something seriously wrong with you. There are a lot of myths told about masturbation, one being that if you masturbate too much you will get blind. Today we are going to separate facts from myths. The following are the lesser known facts about masturbation.

    Not everyone masturbates

    If you are a masturbation junky don’t console yourself by concluding that everyone masturbates. The truth is, not everyone masturbates. The major reasons why most men masturbate are lack of pussy and idleness. There are men who are either busy making money and whenever they get horny there is always someone to give them pussy! These type of men never masturbate.

    Frequent masturbation is good for your health

    Note that there is a difference between frequent masturbation and excessive masturbation. Frequent masturbation is where you masturbate often but not excessively. A study by Harvard University indicated that men who have sex often have a lower chance of getting prostate cancer compared to men who are sexually inactive. With that said, it is a fact, not everyone is lucky enough to get regular pussy. Don’t hesitate to masturbate bro! It is good for your health

    There is  wrong way to masturbate

    If you masturbate wrongly there is a likelihood that you are going to injure yourself. Be gentle and always ensure that you use some lube!

    Sperm count differ

    According to recent studies, there is a difference in the semen when one masturbates and that from sex. Semen from sex has more sperm count compared to when you chock you chicken to orgasm.

    People of all ages masturbate (exempting children)

    Even older people masturbate, the only difference is they masturbate less frequently compared to teenagers.

    Last but not the least, masturbation month/day?

    There is a certain month and day of the week that most men masturbate. Wait for it… May and Saturday respectively. I don’t know why most men find it convenient to masturbate on a Saturday. If you have any guesses let me know in the comment section below.

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    Sure ways to end your dry spell run

    dry spell

    Irrespective of how you look or where you come from, you have gone through a sex dry spell at least once in your life. There are various reasons that can cause a sex dry spell with the major ones being coming out of a long-term relationship or getting out of shape. If you gate out of shape this means that ladies won’t find you attractive and your chances of getting pussy reduce drastically. The deeper you get into dry spell the harder it gets to free yourself. A dry spell can be a run of 1 year, months or even a few weeks. Picture a scenario where you were in a relationship and had gotten used to having sex every day. Trust me, one week without pussy is gonna feel like hell. But, worry no more. The following are ways in which you can end your dry spell run:

    Get in shape

    If you want to have regular pussy never get out of shape. However, if you are already drowning in dry spell there is a hope for you if you hit the gym. If you get that V shape and those abbs ladies will find you attractive and this will increase your chance of getting laid. Bro, start exercising if you want to fuck someone other than yourself.

    Get out more

    Some men will stay indoors playing PS4 and expect to get out of dry spell. Bro, the only pussy you are gonna see “live” will only be a pussy cat and not a woman’s vagina. No lady will come knocking at your door to tell you that she is horny and wants some dicking. Get out more, attend parties, hangout in public places this way you might find a lady who is dick starved too and you can each other mysteries. Thank me later!

    Indulge in quickies

    If you want to get out of dry spell you have to stop being too rigid and conservative. Be bold enough to try out quickies. At the club, if you are dancing and she gets horny, have the guys to take her to screw her in the bathroom. Because normal is boring!

    Quit beating  your meat

    Masturbation is one of the major reasons why most men are going through dry spell. Once you beat your meat you won’t see the need to seduce that sexy neighbor. Quit chocking your chicken bro and find some real pussy


    Change your style

    You can’t continue doing the same thing and expect different results. If you are to end your dry spell you have to change your style to something more presentable. This will cost you extra dollars but it will be worth it.

    Try out online dating

    If things are not working as expected in the real world, don’t feel shy to try out online dating. Who knows, you might end up finding your soulmate online.


    It is my hope that you found this article useful. If you did please share the article with your friends. Thank you for sharing.

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    Types of sex you should have at least once in your life

    sex life

    Sex can either be wack, okay or great. If you are good in bed you have already made it in life. Ladies gossip a lot and trust me if you fuck her good she will tell her friends how amazing your dick is, in return, this will increase your chances of screwing her friends. Each sexual experience is unique and that’s why we can never have enough of it. The following are the types of sex that you should have at least once in your life:

    Angry sex

    Even the most loving couple argue and fight. What makes the difference is how you solve your disagreements. There are those who will go out for dinner, there are those who won’t talk to each other for one week and then there are those who fuck each other. Angry sex is always great since adrenaline is running high. Try it, you won’t get disappointed.

    Makeup sex

    Relationships have ups and downs. After a fight, you can either break up or reconcile and try and work things out. There is no better way to seal a reconciliation than makeup sex. This kind of sex is very emotional and makes you forget that you were on bad terms with your partner.

    Morning sex

    Most of us have very busy schedules and in the one is tired all he/she wants is to have some good night sleep. In the morning you are both fresh and energetic and this is the perfect time to have sex. What could possibly go wrong with starting your day with an orgasm?

    One night stand

    That moment when you are drunk ASF! and give in to just anyone who approaches you even he isn’t your type. The following morning you are gonna feel like a slut but it is worth it. In sex, nothing beats the thrilling passion of fucking someone new in this case someone who you don’t even know.

    Goodbye sex

    Not every relationship loves up to its expectation but you can make it have a good ending through goodbye sex. This kind of sex is the best since you both know there is a high chance you won’t be seeing each other again and you give you best since you want them to remember the sex and miss you.

    Last but not the least let her do all the work

    Some women will just stay there like some frozen frog and let you do all the work. How about you try out the reverse where the man just stays there like some frozen slug and let the woman do all the work. Trust me it will be fun.

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    Why women are better cheaters than men


    We are living in a generation where cheating has become a norm. Everyone is cheating, only that some never get caught. Our society has profiled men to cheat more than women. Basically, men cheat more but women are better cheaters in the sense that they rarely get caught. The following are reasons why women are better cheaters than men:

    Choosing the right people to tell

    Human beings are social creatures and we need friends to lead a healthy and normal life. Everyone cheats and tell. As usual and expected women are more careful on the people she tells that she is cheating. If the information that you are cheating falls in the wrong ears it is just a matter of time before your partner knows about it too.

    Women are more cautious

    Typically, women are sneakier than men. Women always take calculated moves. She knows the perfect time to sneak out and will give a perfect excuse that will not raise any suspicions.

    I am on my Ps

    Men are disgusted by a woman’s monthly period. It is no wonder women exploit this fact fully when they are on a mission to cheat. She will tell you that she is on her Ps and won’t be coming over at your place. If only you knew she will be sleeping with another man and get fucked the whole night.

    Their partner in crime can keep a secret

    If you are cheating him with one of his hot friends, trust me the guy will keep a secret about you sinful encounter. On the other hand, if it is the man cheating with his lover’s best friends she might end up telling the wrong people. And, we all know the outcome of this.

    Reason for cheating

    Men cheat due to physical reasons whereas women cheat due to emotional reasons. When you are not emotionally connected this means that he will care less about your whereabouts. This minimizes the chances of getting caught.

    Someone better

    Most women will cheat with someone better than their current boyfriend/husband whereas over 70% of men cheat with women uglier than their current partner. Who is the better cheater?

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    Signs that she is just interested in sex and not a relationship


    Can you be in a relationship with someone if there is no sex? Ofcos, the answer to over 99.9999% of the people is a big no! We all love sex, personally, I adore sex and I get laid every chance I get. After all, what is there to lose in having lots of sex? Over the years, women have learned to embrace the concept of sex with no commitments. The following are signs that she is only after sex and not a relationship.

    She touches you suggestively

    Most women will sit back and wait for the man to make the first move. However, if you find out that it is the first date and she is touching you in a manner suggesting that she is craving for your dick. Then there is a high chance you are drifting off topic since all she wants from you is some great sex and not love. Stop wasting time and get down to business!

    She constantly stares at your manhood

    So you just met this girl at a party and on approaching her you notice that she is constantly staring at your manhood. Trust me bro, she is accessing your manhood and all she wants is some good dicking. Don’t mention anything about a relationship in your conversation.

    The brings up the topic of sex frequently

    You can hardly maintain a decent conversation without her bringing up sex to your conversation. She will ask how big your dick is, how long it takes you to cum, what your favorite sex position is… Come on dude, isn’t it obvious. All she wants from you is sex.

    She always wants you to come over to her place or vice versa

    Most ladies who are into the lovey-dovey kind of thing will always prefer meeting out in public for dinner or coffee. However, a lady who is only after sex will come over at your place or have you come over ar her place.

    You rarely connect in a decent conversation

    The reason why you can’t connect in a decent connection is due to the fact that she doesn’t see the need to. She only needs you to take care of her sexual needs.

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    Ways to turn her on again right after you had sex

    turn her on

    Damn, doesn’t sex feel good? No, actually sex feels great. Actually, scratch that, sex feels phenomenal! Words alone ain’t enough to describe this feeling and nothing can ever replace sex. The closest you can come to replacing sex is having more sex. Actually, lots of sex. Do you want to know what else feels phenomenal? Finding ways to turn her on again right after sex. Brace yourself, this is bound to get interesting.

    Give her a massage

    After the activity, she must be tired but ofcos, for the right reason. And, not to say you are not tired as well but if you want the second round almost immediately give her a massage. This will help her relax and ease all the tensed muscles. Also, as you give her the massage you will not only turn her on but you shall also get a boner as well. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

    Compliment her as one of the ways to turn her on immediately

    If you want to win over a woman compliment her. Women are good listeners and if you are good with words you are capable of fucking just any woman even if it might seem as if she is way outta your league. With sex, things are no different. If you want her to get horny immediately after sex, compliment her. Tell her how sweet she is also, tells her what you liked most about the whole experience. Trust me bro, she will immediately start giving you a blowjob and when you get an erection she will ride your meat like a possessed queen.

    Let your fingers work the magic

    Basically, women are very sensitive to touch. An easy way to turn her on immediately after sex would be to touch her. Start teasing her nipples, play with her clit… Let your fingers work the magic.

    Turn up the music

    Music always works magic. In simpler words, music is capable of making a woman horny immediately after sex. However, the music has to be right, don’t play hip hop and expect that she will get horny.

    Take a shower together

    After sex, it is quite obvious. You are all sweaty and messy, that is if the sex didn’t last only 30 seconds. If the sex was great, the shower is gonna end up with sex. Hello, isn’t this what you wanted?

    Start a game

    Since you are exhausted the game should not be energy consuming. I would advise you to start a pillow fight, also you can start tickling each other. It always ends up in one way. Sex! Thank me later.



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    Reasons why having friends with benefits is better than being in a committed relationship


    Forget heartbreaks, that shit hurts like hell. Personally, I have never gotten over my ex cheating on me with my best friend despite the fact that it happened 3 years ago. Listen up, there is a new gig in town. Wait for it… Friends with Benefits. Most youths nowadays are avoiding relationships and we can all understand why. The following are advantages of having friends with benefits to being in a committed relationship:

    The sex is great

    With friends in benefits, you are all in it for sex. The guilt that both of you are using each other for sex makes the whole sexual experience great. Fucking your boyfriend or girlfriend is bound to get boring at some point but, with friends with benefit, it never gets boring perhaps due to the fact that you are free to fuck other men? I am giving free advice for all ladies out there who are into sex with no commitments. Only settle for a man who will give you an orgasm.


    Freedom to explore

    Being in a relationship sucks, whether your partner sucks in bed or not, the rule is very clear. ” Don’t fuck anyone else as long as you are in the relationship. However, with friends with benefits, you can fuck around without feeling that you are being unfair to someone.

    You don’t lose your friends

    When you get into a committed relationship you have to choose between your pals and your lover. Most people choose love over friendshi[. When you are in a sex with no commitments kind of thing, you won’t lose your pals, in fact, friendship bonds get stronger.

    No one will judge you ‘

    You are both in it for sex meaning that he can’t judge you nor call you a slut. If you are a slut he is also a slut.

    No drama

    When you are not having sex you keep off each others business, meaning that you will lead a drama free life.

    Easy to move on

    It is easy to move on from a friend with benefit when things don’t workout compared to moving on from relationship break up


    If you found this article useful please share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.


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    The Clitoris and the G-spot


    Men have a dick and balls and that’s simply it. Unlike women it is quite easy to make a man orgasm, All you have to do is give him pussy. Irrespective of the fact it might be a loose pussy he shall still climax. On the other hand, women have a complex sex anatomy. Basically, the clitoris and the G-spot are the most sensual organs in a female’s body. As a woman, you can either have an orgasm through clitoris stimulation or G-spot stimulation. It is so unfortunate that most men are still searching for these two organs:


    The clitoris is the equivalent of a man’s glans penis( head of a man’s penis). Located slightly above the opening of the vagina, the clitoris has no other biological purpose other than pleasure. When stimulated it tends to swell and protrude. If you man knows how to stimulate your clit, trust me you shall orgasm each and every time you get down to business.

    Basic rules to make her orgasm through clitoris stimulation

    Be gentle- The clit is a hub of nerve endings and if this area gets bruised trust me its gonna hurt like hell. Keep your movements gentle especially when you are stimulating this region with your fingers.

    Rhythm- Start slow then gradually increase the pace and pressure in a rhythm.

    Pay attention to the surrounding areas as well. Don’t just lick the clit, the surrounding areas too have nerve endings and are arching for your tongue

    Ways you can give your women a clitoris orgasm

    • Oral stimulation- The moist and warm sensation that comes along with stimulating her clit with your tongue will surely give her an orgasm
    • Manual stimulation- This involves stimulating this region with your fingers. With the right rhythm and pressure, you are guaranteed to bring her to orgasm.
    • Intercourse stimulation- When giving her the D in missionary sex position your pubic bone stimulates her clit. This is the best feeling any woman can ever have.

    The G-spot

    The G-spot is a bean-shaped spot inside a woman’s vagina located on the upper wall and swells on being stimulated.

    How to locate it

    Due to its location, it is nearly impossible for your woman to help you locate this treasure. You are on your own on this bro!

    Basically, your fingers are more flexible than your dick, right? Or do we have anyone who has a dick that can curve and bend when inside a woman’s vagina? Anybody!? With that said, this means that you shall be using your fingers to locate the G-spot. Depending on how tight she is, insert one or two fingers in her vagina. Explore the upper walls of her vagina. Search for something more detailed and denser than the other regions. Don’t worry, once you locate it she will let you know.

    After you have located her G-spot figure out which sex position that you can adapt that will hit this spot. Once you figure out the right sex position you just found her safe haven and you will always make her orgasm.

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    Why some men are growers whereas others are showers when erect


    At times I just think life is unfair. Why can’t all men have similar dicks and last the same amount of time in bed? This would mean that women would be seeking love and not a man with some 8 inches meat to hit her spots. Anyway, this is life and we can’t always have our way. There are men who are growers whereas others are showers. Growers in the sense that the penis is rather small when flaccid but grows to an enormous size when erect. Showers in the sense that the penis is rather big when flaccid but there is no significant increase in size when erect. What causes the difference? Here are reasons why:


    Growing up I had to learn a full topic in genetics. This was my worst nightmare! The fact that there are some men who are growers whereas others and showers largely depend on genetics and there is nothing one can do to change it. Since not all of us want to go deep into genetics I will do you favor a and stop there.>smiley face<

    Different Tissues

    The elasticity of the penis depends on the collagen content in the penis tissues. The more the collagen the more elastic your penis will be. However, there are some health issues that reduce the collagen and as a result causing erectile dysfunction. The common diseases include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


    Typically just like some people are taller than the others, the same case applies to the penises. Some penises are naturally longer than the others. This has to do with your forefathers. Not making a big deal out of it this explains why people of certain races either have large penises or below average penises.

    laughing at the size

    Don’t be quick to judge

    This goes to all women out there. Never judge a man’s penis based on the size when flaccid. Some men are showers and others are growers. Wait till it is erects. “You are welcome.”


    As you hit 45 years and above, the collagen fiber in your penis decreases. This means that your dick will become less elastic. Women say that when men hit mid age their penises shrink. Now you know why!


    If you want to be more of a grower other than a shower maintain a healthy diet. You can’t afford to lose focus with all the ladies are having these high expectations on you.

    Use it

    A penis has two biological functions urinating and having sex. If you only use your gadget to urinate when it comes to sex you may have a premature ejaculation and might be unable to maintain an erection for long. Have you ever heard a phrase, if you don’t use it you will lose it? I know that not everyone is a pussy magnet: if you can’t get some pussy beat your meat. What is there to lose anyway?



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    The kind of penis that will guarantee you an orgasm

    laughing at the size

    Penises come in different length, girth and shapes. There is none that is a complete match to the other. Most men believe that women are size freaks and that they only crave for huge penises. Relax bro, as you are just about to learn what women responded when we asked them what a perfect penis is!

    Different women prefer different penis size

    Basically, different women have different views on what a perfect penis is. To most ladies, a perfect penis is one that will make her orgasm. Biologically, short ladies tend to have a shallow vagina meaning that if the dick is too big it won’t fit in whole without hurting her.


    The one major reason why men with big penises are good in bed is due to the fact that they are confident. And, trust me, when it comes to sex confidence is crucial. You heard it bro, you are not bad in bed. You simply lack the confidence that comes in handy with great sex.

    Girth or length

    There are long penises have the girth of a finger and there are below average penises that have some good girth. Among the two, which one do most women prefer? Ofcos, women prefer girth to length. What is the use of a long penis that feels like a cigar? Ouch!

    Technique rather than size

    Most women we interviewed claimed that to them as long as it is not a micro-penis, any size is just fine. For a woman to have an orgasm it is not all about the size of the penis but rather how you use the penis. There are men with gigantic gadgets but never bring a woman to orgasm whereas there are men with below average penises that make women scream, moan, squirt and orgasm in every sexual encounter.

    So, what penis is likely to guarantee just any woman an orgasm?

    The average length of a penis is 5.5 inches whereas the average girth is 4.2 inches. Actually, any penis that is above 4.9 inches in length and 4 inches in girth is enough to make just any woman orgasm. A woman G-spot is just a few inches deep all you have to do is choose a sex position that will hit this spot. Yes, size matters when it comes to sex but most women are not size freaks. If you have a not so big penis compensate with some amazing skills.


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    Things that should be on every young man’s sex bucket list

    sex bucket list

    The greatest gift you can ever present to a man is pussy. Men love and adore sex, in fact, men spend half their of their youthful years trying to get some pussy to stick in their boner. This might come as a surprise to most women reading this. Did you know that every man has a sex bucket list? Well, I just thought you should know. The following are things that should be in every young man’s sex bucket list:

    Sex in a plane

    Chances of sex in a plane happening are a mere 12%. But, the thrilling experience is worth having fantasies about. If you have sex in a plane trust me you will never forget it even if it turns out to be wack sex.

    An orgy party

    An orgy is the most fulfilling thing sexual experience that any man can have. When you join college the first thing that you should include in your sex bucket list should be an orgy. If you don’t manage to have an orgy party in college chances are you will never have it.

    Date an artist

    Growing up, I always had a huge crush on Usher and yes, women also have a sex bucket list. Every man has a celebrity crush and, trust me in his teenage years he included fucking her on his sex bucket list. Though there is a 0.0000005% of this happening.

    Date an older woman

    Older women are more experienced and good in bed. Even man hopes to one day slide his dick into the pussy of an old woman.

    Sex toys

    See to it that you try out a sex toy at least once in your life. There are pocket pussies and sex dolls to fulfill this part of your sexual fantasy.

    Sex on the beach

    What can be more romantic that fucking your crush on the beach under the moonlight or as the sun sets?

    Try out anal

    Between anal sex and vaginal sex which do men enjoy more? Despite what the answer is, it is every man’s fantasy to try out anal sex.

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