Things you should do to ensure she drops her panties on the first date

Make your first sex rock

first date

Being a man is challenging, you have to be good at stalking, sweet talking, convincing, pick and making a good impression on the first day. One wrong move and it is the last time you are gonna be seeing her. It is every man’s wish that she will be dropping those panties on the first date. The following are some tips to have the best first date sex. Bro, if she won’t like the sex say goodbye to the pussy! The states are high and you can’t afford to trip.

Give her a treat

Are you a stingy man? Typically, women hate stingy men, if you want pussy on the first date you have to spend. Make her feel special by taking her to an above average restaurant and let her order anything that she craves for. You will spend a few dollars but its worth it.

Work on your kissing game if you want pussy on the first date

If you are good with words chances are you are going to get a kiss. How you kiss her will determine whether you will be getting pussy or not. If you are a wack kisser sign up for kissing classes, this is s skill that will help throughout your life. Unlike the calculus, you learned back in high school and have never applied it in real life. SMH!!


I know at times you can’t resist the urge to check out that ass but for the sake of getting pussy on the first date, you have to be strong and resist the urge to check out other women asses no matter how sexy they might be. It hard but if she spots you checking other women she will not be dropping those panties.

Have a game plan

You have to play your cards right. One wrong move and she will ask you to drop her off. I would advise you to make the date be in the evening somewhere between 6-7 pm, start off with some light food, do a few drinks and as it gets late, try out dancing. Thank me later bro!

Smell nice

Bad body odor is a complete turnoff.Ensure that you use deodorant and on this day don’t wear dirty underwear or stinking socks.

Last but not the least “adequate preparation”

Safety comes first, imagine a scenario where she has already dropped her panties but you don’t have a condom. You might try to talk her into raw sex but chances are she will ask you to go get a condom. These are precious moments you can’t afford to waste since she can change her mind anytime.

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