Facts about masturbation that most people don’t know

Lesser known facts about masturbation

facts about masturbation

I masturbate, do you masturbate? Let us not make a big deal out of it. In fact, if you don’t masturbate then there must be something seriously wrong with you. There are a lot of myths told about masturbation, one being that if you masturbate too much you will get blind. Today we are going to separate facts from myths. The following are the lesser known facts about masturbation.

Not everyone masturbates

If you are a masturbation junky don’t console yourself by concluding that everyone masturbates. The truth is, not everyone masturbates. The major reasons why most men masturbate are lack of pussy and idleness. There are men who are either busy making money and whenever they get horny there is always someone to give them pussy! These type of men never masturbate.

Frequent masturbation is good for your health

Note that there is a difference between frequent masturbation and excessive masturbation. Frequent masturbation is where you masturbate often but not excessively. A study by Harvard University indicated that men who have sex often have a lower chance of getting prostate cancer compared to men who are sexually inactive. With that said, it is a fact, not everyone is lucky enough to get regular pussy. Don’t hesitate to masturbate bro! It is good for your health

There isĀ  wrong way to masturbate

If you masturbate wrongly there is a likelihood that you are going to injure yourself. Be gentle and always ensure that you use some lube!

Sperm count differ

According to recent studies, there is a difference in the semen when one masturbates and that from sex. Semen from sex has more sperm count compared to when you chock you chicken to orgasm.

People of all ages masturbate (exempting children)

Even older people masturbate, the only difference is they masturbate less frequently compared to teenagers.

Last but not the least, masturbation month/day?

There is a certain month and day of the week that most men masturbate. Wait for it… May and Saturday respectively. I don’t know why most men find it convenientĀ to masturbate on a Saturday. If you have any guesses let me know in the comment section below.

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