Types of sex you should have at least once in your life

Sex for every occasion

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Sex can either be wack, okay or great. If you are good in bed you have already made it in life. Ladies gossip a lot and trust me if you fuck her good she will tell her friends how amazing your dick is, in return, this will increase your chances of screwing her friends. Each sexual experience is unique and that’s why we can never have enough of it. The following are the types of sex that you should have at least once in your life:

Angry sex

Even the most loving couple argue and fight. What makes the difference is how you solve your disagreements. There are those who will go out for dinner, there are those who won’t talk to each other for one week and then there are those who fuck each other. Angry sex is always great since adrenaline is running high. Try it, you won’t get disappointed.

Makeup sex

Relationships have ups and downs. After a fight, you can either break up or reconcile and try and work things out. There is no better way to seal a reconciliation than makeup sex. This kind of sex is very emotional and makes you forget that you were on bad terms with your partner.

Morning sex

Most of us have very busy schedules and in the one is tired all he/she wants is to have some good night sleep. In the morning you are both fresh and energetic and this is the perfect time to have sex. What could possibly go wrong with starting your day with an orgasm?

One night stand

That moment when you are drunk ASF! and give in to just anyone who approaches you even he isn’t your type. The following morning you are gonna feel like a slut but it is worth it. In sex, nothing beats the thrilling passion of fucking someone new in this case someone who you don’t even know.

Goodbye sex

Not every relationship loves up to its expectation but you can make it have a good ending through goodbye sex. This kind of sex is the best since you both know there is a high chance you won’t be seeing each other again and you give you best since you want them to remember the sex and miss you.

Last but not the least let her do all the work

Some women will just stay there like some frozen frog and let you do all the work. How about you try out the reverse where the man just stays there like some frozen slug and let the woman do all the work. Trust me it will be fun.

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