Why women are better cheaters than men

Women vs men who are better cheaters?


We are living in a generation where cheating has become a norm. Everyone is cheating, only that some never get caught. Our society has profiled men to cheat more than women. Basically, men cheat more but women are better cheaters in the sense that they rarely get caught. The following are reasons why women are better cheaters than men:

Choosing the right people to tell

Human beingsĀ are social creatures and we need friends to lead a healthy and normal life. Everyone cheats and tell. As usual and expected women are more careful on the people she tells that she is cheating. If the information that you are cheating falls in the wrong ears it is just a matter of time before your partner knows about it too.

Women are more cautious

Typically, women are sneakier than men. Women always take calculated moves. She knows the perfect time to sneak out and will give a perfect excuse that will not raise any suspicions.

I am on my Ps

Men are disgusted by a woman’s monthly period. It is no wonder women exploit this fact fully when they are on a mission to cheat. She will tell you that she is on her Ps and won’t be coming over at your place. If only you knew she will be sleeping with another man and get fucked the whole night.

Their partner in crime can keep a secret

If you are cheating him with one of his hot friends, trust me the guy will keep a secret about you sinful encounter. On the other hand, if it is the man cheating with his lover’s best friends she might end up telling the wrong people. And, we all know the outcome of this.

Reason for cheating

Men cheat due to physical reasons whereas women cheat due to emotional reasons. When you are not emotionally connected this means that he will care less about your whereabouts. This minimizes the chances of getting caught.

Someone better

Most women will cheat with someone better than their current boyfriend/husband whereas over 70% of men cheat with women uglier than their current partner. Who is the better cheater?

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