Ways to turn her on again right after you had sex

How to make her horny immediatly

turn her on

Damn, doesn’t sex feel good? No, actually sex feels great. Actually, scratch that, sex feels phenomenal! Words alone ain’t enough to describe this feeling and nothing can ever replace sex. The closest you can come to replacing sex is having more sex. Actually, lots of sex. Do you want to know what else feels phenomenal? Finding ways to turn her on again right after sex. Brace yourself, this is bound to get interesting.

Give her a massage

After the activity, she must be tired but ofcos, for the right reason. And, not to say you are not tired as well but if you want the second round almost immediately give her a massage. This will help her relax and ease all the tensed muscles. Also, as you give her the massage you will not only turn her on but you shall also get a boner as well. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

Compliment her as one of the ways to turn her on immediately

If you want to win over a woman compliment her. Women are good listeners and if you are good with words you are capable of fucking just any woman even if it might seem as if she is way outta your league. With sex, things are no different. If you want her to get horny immediately after sex, compliment her. Tell her how sweet she is also, tells her what you liked most about the whole experience. Trust me bro, she will immediately start giving you a blowjob and when you get an erection she will ride your meat like a possessed queen.

Let your fingers work the magic

Basically, women are very sensitive to touch. An easy way to turn her on immediately after sex would be to touch her. Start teasing her nipples, play with her clit… Let your fingers work the magic.

Turn up the music

Music always works magic. In simpler words, music is capable of making a woman horny immediately after sex. However, the music has to be right, don’t play hip hop and expect that she will get horny.

Take a shower together

After sex, it is quite obvious. You are all sweaty and messy, that is if the sex didn’t last only 30 seconds. If the sex was great, the shower is gonna end up with sex. Hello, isn’t this what you wanted?

Start a game

Since you are exhausted the game should not be energy consuming. I would advise you to start a pillow fight, also you can start tickling each other. It always ends up in one way. Sex! Thank me later.


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