Things that should be on every young man’s sex bucket list

sex bucket list

The greatest gift you can ever present to a man is pussy. Men love and adore sex, in fact, men spend half their of their youthful years trying to get some pussy to stick in their boner. This might come as a surprise to most women reading this. Did you know that every man has a sex bucket list? Well, I just thought you should know. The following are things that should be in every young man’s sex bucket list:

Sex in a plane

Chances of sex in a plane happening are a mere 12%. But, the thrilling experience is worth having fantasies about. If you have sex in a plane trust me you will never forget it even if it turns out to be wack sex.

An orgy party

An orgy is the most fulfilling thing sexual experience that any man can have. When you join college the first thing that you should include in your sex bucket list should be an orgy. If you don’t manage to have an orgy party in college chances are you will never have it.

Date an artist

Growing up, I always had a huge crush on Usher and yes, women also have a sex bucket list. Every man has a celebrity crush and, trust me in his teenage years he included fucking her on his sex bucket list. Though there is a 0.0000005% of this happening.

Date an older woman

Older women are more experienced and good in bed. Even man hopes to one day slide his dick into the pussy of an old woman.

Sex toys

See to it that you try out a sex toy at least once in your life. There are pocket pussies and sex dolls to fulfill this part of your sexual fantasy.

Sex on the beach

What can be more romantic that fucking your crush on the beach under the moonlight or as the sun sets?

Try out anal

Between anal sex and vaginal sex which do men enjoy more? Despite what the answer is, it is every man’s fantasy to try out anal sex.

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