Signs that she is just interested in sex and not a relationship

How to know if all she wants is sex


Can you be in a relationship with someone if there is no sex? Ofcos, the answer to over 99.9999% of the people is a big no! We all love sex, personally, I adore sex and I get laid every chance I get. After all, what is there to lose in having lots of sex? Over the years, women have learned to embrace the concept of sex with no commitments. The following are signs that she is only after sex and not a relationship.

She touches you suggestively

Most women will sit back and wait for the man to make the first move. However, if you find out that it is the first date and she is touching you in a manner suggesting that she is craving for your dick. Then there is a high chance you are drifting off topic since all she wants from you is some great sex and not love. Stop wasting time and get down to business!

She constantly stares at your manhood

So you just met this girl at a party and on approaching her you notice that she is constantly staring at your manhood. Trust me bro, she is accessing your manhood and all she wants is some good dicking. Don’t mention anything about a relationship in your conversation.

The brings up the topic of sex frequently

You can hardly maintain a decent conversation without her bringing up sex to your conversation. She will ask how big your dick is, how long it takes you to cum, what your favorite sex position is… Come on dude, isn’t it obvious. All she wants from you is sex.

She always wants you to come over to her place or vice versa

Most ladies who are into the lovey-dovey kind of thing will always prefer meeting out in public for dinner or coffee. However, a lady who is only after sex will come over at your place or have you come over ar her place.

You rarely connect in a decent conversation

The reason why you can’t connect in a decent connection is due to the fact that she doesn’t see the need to. She only needs you to take care of her sexual needs.

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