Why some men are growers whereas others are showers when erect

Growers vs showers


At times I just think life is unfair. Why can’t all men have similar dicks and last the same amount of time in bed? This would mean that women would be seeking love and not a man with some 8 inches meat to hit her spots. Anyway, this is life and we can’t always have our way. There are men who are growers whereas others are showers. Growers in the sense that the penis is rather small when flaccid but grows to an enormous size when erect. Showers in the sense that the penis is rather big when flaccid but there is no significant increase in size when erect. What causes the difference? Here are reasons why:


Growing up I had to learn a full topic in genetics. This was my worst nightmare! The fact that there are some men who are growers whereas others and showers largely depend on genetics and there is nothing one can do to change it. Since not all of us want to go deep into genetics I will do you favor a and stop there.>smiley face<

Different Tissues

The elasticity of the penis depends on the collagen content in the penis tissues. The more the collagen the more elastic your penis will be. However, there are some health issues that reduce the collagen and as a result causing erectile dysfunction. The common diseases include diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Typically just like some people are taller than the others, the same case applies to the penises. Some penises are naturally longer than the others. This has to do with your forefathers. Not making a big deal out of it this explains why people of certain races either have large penises or below average penises.

laughing at the size

Don’t be quick to judge

This goes to all women out there. Never judge a man’s penis based on the size when flaccid. Some men are showers and others are growers. Wait till it is erects. “You are welcome.”


As you hit 45 years and above, the collagen fiber in your penis decreases. This means that your dick will become less elastic. Women say that when men hit mid age their penises shrink. Now you know why!


If you want to be more of a grower other than a shower maintain a healthy diet. You can’t afford to lose focus with all the ladies are having these high expectations on you.

Use it

A penis has two biological functions urinating and having sex. If you only use your gadget to urinate when it comes to sex you may have a premature ejaculation and might be unable to maintain an erection for long. Have you ever heard a phrase, if you don’t use it you will lose it? I know that not everyone is a pussy magnet: if you can’t get some pussy beat your meat. What is there to lose anyway?


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laughing at the size

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