The Clitoris and the G-spot

Clitoris vs G-spt


Men have a dick and balls and that’s simply it. Unlike women it is quite easy to make a man orgasm, All you have to do is give him pussy. Irrespective of the fact it might be a loose pussy he shall still climax. On the other hand, women have a complex sex anatomy. Basically, the clitoris and the G-spot are the most sensual organs in a female’s body. As a woman, you can either have an orgasm through clitoris stimulation or G-spot stimulation. It is so unfortunate that most men are still searching for these two organs:


The clitoris is the equivalent of a man’s glans penis( head of a man’s penis). Located slightly above the opening of the vagina, the clitoris has no other biological purpose other than pleasure. When stimulated it tends to swell and protrude. If you man knows how to stimulate your clit, trust me you shall orgasm each and every time you get down to business.

Basic rules to make her orgasm through clitoris stimulation

Be gentle- The clit is a hub of nerve endings and if this area gets bruised trust me its gonna hurt like hell. Keep your movements gentle especially when you are stimulating this region with your fingers.

Rhythm- Start slow then gradually increase the pace and pressure in a rhythm.

Pay attention to the surrounding areas as well. Don’t just lick the clit, the surrounding areas too have nerve endings and are arching for your tongue

Ways you can give your women a clitoris orgasm

  • Oral stimulation- The moist and warm sensation that comes along with stimulating her clit with your tongue will surely give her an orgasm
  • Manual stimulation- This involves stimulating this region with your fingers. With the right rhythm and pressure, you are guaranteed to bring her to orgasm.
  • Intercourse stimulation- When giving her the D in missionary sex position your pubic bone stimulates her clit. This is the best feeling any woman can ever have.

The G-spot

The G-spot is a bean-shaped spot inside a woman’s vagina located on the upper wall and swells on being stimulated.

How to locate it

Due to its location, it is nearly impossible for your woman to help you locate this treasure. You are on your own on this bro!

Basically, your fingers are more flexible than your dick, right? Or do we have anyone who has a dick that can curve and bend when inside a woman’s vagina? Anybody!? With that said, this means that you shall be using your fingers to locate the G-spot. Depending on how tight she is, insert one or two fingers in her vagina. Explore the upper walls of her vagina. Search for something more detailed and denser than the other regions. Don’t worry, once you locate it she will let you know.

After you have located her G-spot figure out which sex position that you can adapt that will hit this spot. Once you figure out the right sex position you just found her safe haven and you will always make her orgasm.

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