Reasons why having friends with benefits is better than being in a committed relationship

Friends with benefit vs committed relationship


Forget heartbreaks, that shit hurts like hell. Personally, I have never gotten over my ex cheating on me with my best friend despite the fact that it happened 3 years ago. Listen up, there is a new gig in town. Wait for it… Friends with Benefits. Most youths nowadays are avoiding relationships and we can all understand why. The following are advantages of having friends with benefits to being in a committed relationship:

The sex is great

With friends in benefits, you are all in it for sex. The guilt that both of you are using each other for sex makes the whole sexual experience great. Fucking your boyfriend or girlfriend is bound to get boring at some point but, with friends with benefit, it never gets boring perhaps due to the fact that you are free to fuck other men? I am giving free advice for all ladies out there who are into sex with no commitments. Only settle for a man who will give you an orgasm.


Freedom to explore

Being in a relationship sucks, whether your partner sucks in bed or not, the rule is very clear. ” Don’t fuck anyone else as long as you are in the relationship. However, with friends with benefits, you can fuck around without feeling that you are being unfair to someone.

You don’t lose your friends

When you get into a committed relationship you have to choose between your pals and your lover. Most people choose love¬†over friendshi[. When you are in a sex with no commitments kind of thing, you won’t lose your pals, in fact, friendship bonds get stronger.

No one will judge you ‘

You are both in it for sex meaning that he can’t judge you nor call you a slut. If you are a slut he is also a slut.

No drama

When you are not having sex you keep off each others business, meaning that you will lead a drama free life.

Easy to move on

It is easy to move on from a friend with benefit when things don’t workout compared to moving on from relationship break up


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