The truth about dating someone older than you

Dating older men

dating someone older

We are living in a generation where most women prefer dating men who are older than them. Most of them claiming that boys their age are immature and suck in bed. Is this true? Let me know in the comment section below. The following is the truth about dating someone older than you:

Older men are financially stable

Other than wearing the same underwear for more than 6 days and climaxing in just 10 seconds, young “boys” are broke ASF. Chances are, they are living with their parents and even borrow condom money. Ouch. On the other hand, if he is a few years ahead, chances are that he is financially stable and has a few things under his name. Trust me, he won’t be asking┬áhis parents for condom money.

Great in making love

Are you familiar with the phrase “Practice makes perfect?”┬áThe same case applies to older men. They have fucked several women and trust me, with each experience they had, they must have learned a thing or two. Older men are more romantic and they know how to fuck a woman well. Trust me girl, he will give you multiple orgasms. Unlike these broke college guys who never pay attention to a woman’s sensual zone.

They never get jealous

Other than being broke and unkempt, these boys are ever insecure thinking that you are cheating on them. If you date someone older than you, jealousy won’t be in his vocabulary.


Elder men are very emotionally stable and mature. Perhaps because they have already acquired some wealth and don’t have to borrow condom money from their parents.

No unnecessary texting

Most college boys are idle and that’s why they always prefer texting. On the other hand, older men are busy and barely have time for unnecessary texting. And you still wonder why she left you for a more mature man? Shame on you!

Lively stories

Young men have very weird stories and all revolve around certain things: football, pussy and alcohol. On the other hand, older men have more exposure and this is reflected on their conversations. They always have fun and exciting stories to tell.




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