Legit advantages of having a small penis

Why you should have a small penis

small penis

The internet and our society in general always criticize men who have a small penis. But, are we really being fair? No one chose to be born with a small penis. We focus so much on the negatives of having a small penis and ignore the legit advantages of having a tiny gadget. The following are advantages of having a small penis.

Getting a boner in public

We all know that men are sex maniacs, in fact, there are only 3 major vocabularies in a man’s day to day life. Sleep, money and pussy. When you have a tiny penis you don’t have to worry about getting a boner in public after staring at women with sexy cleavages and huge behinds. Reason being, no one will notice your penis is erect. It’s an ouch but on the positive side an advantage

Germs free

Scientifically, the shorter the urethra the less likelihood of getting an infection. It’s another win for the little guy.

Environmental friendly

Just in case you didn’t know, there are condoms for men with micro-penises. And, I can comfortably say that men with small penises are environmentally friendly. The bigger you are down there the more latex you will damp. Never thought of it? That’s because you are so selfish and only think of yourself.

STIs free

Yes, you read that right. If you have small penis chances are when you get down to business the ladies will be so busy laughing wearing their panties and grabbing their jackets as they move out that you don’t even get a chance to get HIV. And, trust me, she will tell her friends that your tool is tiny. This means that they will also reject you, as a result, you will stay STIs free.

It fits in just any hole

In a normal vagina, it will feel like a cigarette but that doesn’t change the fact that still fits. On the higher side, just like there are men with micro-penises the same case applies to women. There are women with a naturally tiny vagina. A tiny penis will fit comfortably. Yet another win.

Easy finding fitting underwears

If you heavily endowed you will struggle to find an underwear that perfects fits your tools. Men with a rather smaller manhood will just do fine with any kind of underwears. If they go for a sleepover, they can even wear a thong on their walk of shame. Just kidding!

Easy to give head

If women would open up on how hard it is to give a blow bog to a huge penis, you would appreciate having a small penis. The smaller it, the easier it will fit whole in her mouth.

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