Men problems that hardly any woman understands

What men go through yet women don’t understand

Our society focussed more on the plight of women and totally ignore the fact that men too have a share of their problems and struggles as well. Women, in particular, are very selfish. Before you start throwing stones at me read the following. Men’s problems that hardly any woman understands:

Men are not immortal

Listen up women, men are not immortal. I understand the fact that men never want to look weak on the eyes of a woman but this doesn’t mean that they never need help. As much as he says ” relax babe I got this” he stills needs some help. He can’t do everything all by himself!

No one hates compliments

If you want to get into a woman’s pants compliment her. Hello, why is it that women like being complimented but hardly ever compliment men? Selfish creatures! SMH!

The first move

A lady might be madly in love with you but she will never make the first move. This sucks big time. Like, where is it written that a man should always be the one making the first move.

men are not emotionally strong as advertised

In our society it is okay for a woman to cry but for a man to cry that is a taboo. Are we really being fair? I mean, men are also human beings and have a sensitive part as well.

A low blow hurts

Women will never understand how much it hurts being kicked in the nuts. Reason being, women don’t have nuts.


We are forced to believe that men can’t multi-task. This is far from the truth, men are capable of maintaining six healthy relationships and with none of the girls suspecting that he is cheating whereas women can hardly answer a question when watching TV.

Women can flirt but will never ask you out

A woman can rarely ask you out. She might be wanting that dick but trust me, unless you ask her out, she better use her usual tools to orgasm other than ask you out.

Men are also anxious about how they look

Just because men don’t carry a mirror in their handbag it doesn’t mean that they are not anxious about how they look. Everyone wants to look good, After all, the more good looking you are the higher the chances of attracting some pussy.

Men too are sexually harassed

There are nearly as many cases of men being sexually harassed as that of women only that these men never come out in public to file a complaint.


We have totally ignored the boy child and it is high time women understand the struggles that men have to go through in their day to day life.

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