How long should an average man last in bed?

Average sex time world wide

average man last in bed

If you want to lower a man’s ego despite him being over 6 feets tall or packed with irresistible muscles and abs. Just tell him he comes up short when it comes to sex. Everybody wants to be recognized as the sex champ but the truth is, we can’t all be champs. With that said, do you know how long an average man should last in bed? Basically, depending on race, religion or place of origin different people last differently. Just how much time is enough time to give any woman the ultimate satisfaction? Brace yourself, this will be fun:

What both men and women want

A research showed that over 80% of men and women sampled all over the globe wanted sex to last at least 30 minutes. The truth is, when it comes down to business, this is usually not the case. It is always over sooner than you can imagine. More often than not you will be left wondering, “is that it?”

The awful truth

Men should always count themselves lucky that one can’t tell how long they last in bed by their physical appearance. Trust me, if it was possible to tell how long a man lasts in bed by looking at him most men would prefer staying indoors, no offense. Over 40% of men in the US barely last 6 minutes in bed.

Our forefathers never lasted that long

Back in the 1950s talking about sex was viewed as a taboo. In our current generation, people are taught about sex when as young as 11 years. Sex awareness has helped improve how long men last in bed. Research indicates that our great forefathers only lasted 2 minutes.

Sex is different today

In ancient times sex only involved inserting the dick in a pussy and that’s all. Nowadays sex is different. Blowjobs, pussy licking and kissing are all included as part of sex. Meaning that when it comes to penetrative sex you are almost halfway into busting a nut.

How long an average man should last in bed according to science and sex therapist

An average man should last approximately 40 minutes in bed. Don’t give me that look just because you barely go 3 minutes without busting a nut. The 40 minutes includes foreplay as well as penetrative sex. The first 20 minutes should be set aside for foreplay. Kissing, cuddling, licking her pussy, blowjobs… Penetrative sex should last approximately¬†13-17 minutes since this is also the time it takes an average woman to reach her orgasm. Just make sure you keep communication and let her tell you when she is close so that you can all climax together.


There you have it, an average man sex should last 40 minutes. If you found this article useful please share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below. Thanks

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