The difference between average sex and great sex

Average sex vs great sex

great sex

Damn, I love sex, do you love sex? Is there anyone who can dare object the fact that sex is the greatest gift ever presented to mankind? But, there is one factor about sex that we always tend to ignore. There is a difference between average sex and great sex. Everyone with genitals is capable of having average sex but only a few chosen can give great sex. The following are the differences between average sex and great sex from a man’s perspective:


For sex to be great the woman has to be passionate. She needs to let go and give it all without holding back. If the woman ain’t passionate trust me it’s gonna just be an average sex. There is always some magic when women are passionate during sex and this makes men get more aroused. And, do you know what happens when he is super aroused? He will give you a huge load of creampie. >smiley face<


In an average sex, the woman will moan but won’t be vocal on how she would like him to give him the meat. On the other hand with great sex, the woman is more vocal. She will moan uncontrollably and will let her partner know when he is hitting her spot.

Open to anal as the cut for great sex

This is open for a debate since some of you will disagree. I maintain that a woman who is open to trying out anal sex ALWAYS gives memorable sex.

Great at giving head

As we all know, foreplay is an important aspect of sex. If foreplay is great the sex will be great. And, trust me if she is perfect at giving head she will also give you the best sex.


I stand to be corrected but great sex isn’t cannot be achievedĀ on the bed. You have to think outside the box. Personally, my best sex ever was in a lift. Don’t give me that look, it just happens that my sex life isn’t as boring as yours.>wink< Just kidding.


Are you the kind of woman struggling with self-esteem issues that you always ask your male partner’s’ to switch off the lights since you ain’t comfortable with how you look? Girl, you are missing out on alot of fun. Start working out or rather find someone who will love you for who you are. Sex is great when you feel comfortable about how you look.

Doesn’t let you do all the work

Don’t let him do all the work. Take control at times and ride his meat paying attention to how he likes it. Typically, men hate women who just stay there like some rotten fish letting him do all the work. Ouch! If you don’t want to be referred as a rotten fish take turns and fuck him as well.

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