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  • growers

    Why some men are growers whereas others are showers when erect

    At times I just think life is unfair. Why can’t all men have similar dicks and last the same amount of time in bed? This would mean that women would be seeking love and not a man with some 8 inches meat to hit her spots. Anyway, this is life and we can’t always have […] More

  • laughing at the size

    The kind of penis that will guarantee you an orgasm

    Penises come in different length, girth and shapes. There is none that is a complete match to the other. Most men believe that women are size freaks and that they only crave for huge penises. Relax bro, as you are just about to learn what women responded when we asked them what a perfect penis […] More

  • sex bucket list

    Things that should be on every young man’s sex bucket list

    The greatest gift you can ever present to a man is pussy. Men love and adore sex, in fact, men spend half their of their youthful years trying to get some pussy to stick in their boner. This might come as a surprise to most women reading this. Did you know that every man has […] More

  • dating someone older



    The truth about dating someone older than you

    We are living in a generation where most women prefer dating men who are older than them. Most of them claiming that boys their age are immature and suck in bed. Is this true? Let me know in the comment section below. The following is the truth about dating someone older than you: Older men […] More

  • in

    Men problems that hardly any woman understands

    Our society focussed more on the plight of women and totally ignore the fact that men too have a share of their problems and struggles as well. Women, in particular, are very selfish. Before you start throwing stones at me read the following. Men’s problems that hardly any woman understands: Men are not immortal Listen […] More

  • great sex

    The difference between average sex and great sex

    Damn, I love sex, do you love sex? Is there anyone who can dare object the fact that sex is the greatest gift ever presented to mankind? But, there is one factor about sex that we always tend to ignore. There is a difference between average sex and great sex. Everyone with genitals is capable […] More

  • small penis

    Legit advantages of having a small penis

    The internet and our society in general¬†always criticize men who have a small penis. But, are we really being fair? No one chose to be born with a small penis. We focus so much on the negatives of having a small penis and ignore the legit advantages of having a tiny gadget. The following are […] More

  • women

    Things that women hate when horny

    Women are delicate creatures and like to be treated with intense care, especially when horny. Listen up men, if you want her to give you pussy next time you must give her sex. The truth is, there are things that men do that are a complete turn off even when she is super horny. The […] More

  • average man last in bed

    How long should an average man last in bed?

    If you want to lower a man’s ego despite him being over 6 feets tall or packed with irresistible muscles and abs. Just tell him he comes up short when it comes to sex. Everybody wants to be recognized as the sex champ but the truth is, we can’t all be champs. With that said, […] More

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